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Doyen Sports is proud to have been chosen by Mr. Bee Taechaubol to advise on the sporting policy for AC Milan, upon successful conclusion of negotiations between Mr. Taechaubol and Mr. Silvio Berlusconi for a share in the historic Italian club.


According to Mr. Nélio Lucas, CEO of Doyen Sports, the company is “firmly supportive of Bee Taechaubol’s bid for AC Milan. We are sure negotiations will reach a positive conclusion. The current owners know what is best for the club, and they also know that Mr. Bee has AC Milan’s best interests at heart.”


Doyen Sports confirms it has made initial contacts with top management at AC Milan. Once Mr. Bee Taechaubol’s acquisition of AC Milan is concluded, Doyen Sports will provide its expert knowledge of world football and the transfer market to assist in the building of a winning team capable of bringing the club the trophies it deserves to be winning: The Serie A Scudetto and the UEFA Champions League.


Doyen Sports has a proven track record of successful collaboration with some of the top clubs in the world. “We are proud to have helped clubs like for example FC Porto, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid compete at the highest level, in the top competitions in world football” says Nelio Lucas. “Look at Atletico Madrid: In the last four years it has reached 10 finals and won seven major trophies. Miguel Angel Gil himself attributed this success also to Doyen Sports. Sevilla is another example, and look at their performance with Fiorentina.”


“We are sure that with Mr. Bee Taechaubol’s expertise in finance and management together with his passion for AC Milan, and Doyen Sports’ top knowledge of football and the mercato, AC Milan will be winning silverware soon. Mr. Bee will build a team with top world class players that will make fans proud and bring back the glory days. Soon San Siro will be full again!"


Doyen Sports is not involved in the financial transactions for the acquisition of AC Milan and will not be a part of the club’s capital structure.


Under no circumstance does Doyen Sports own players that have been linked with AC Milan. The playing rights of these players, and all athletes linked to Doyen Sports belong exclusively to their clubs. Doyen Sports acts as a bank, providing a source of finance for clubs to bring in top talent that allows them to compete in some of the top club competitions worldwide. Under no circumstance is Doyen Sports entitled to decide on the future of such players. The decision lies entirely with the club and the player.


Out of respect for the current squad and players (and their current teams) who have been associated with Doyen Sports and AC Milan in the sporting press in recent days, Doyen Sports confirms that such stories are pure speculation.