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Doyen have been subject to attacks on their privacy by “Football Leaks”

The documents, some of which are true, others manipulated to increase the media and the public’s interest, were obtained through a cyber-attack on Doyen Sport’s servers.


The documents have been regularly published only because Doyen Sports did not give in to the pressure and demands (avoiding the use of more adequate terms to define the situation) of the authors of the Football Leaks website, who ironically label themselves as champions of transparency in football.


Doyen Sports has taken the appropriate measures to identify those responsible for this attack, whilst we reiterate our position: We have nothing to hide, we act purely according to principle and in defense of the institutions and people we work with, namely the football clubs who are our main partners. The case has been handed over to the competent authorities since the beginning.


Doyen Sports is far more than an “investment fund” as is continually reported. We are a 360º sports industry agency, representing players, providing consultancy for numerous clubs on the transfer market, and developing marketing and commercial strategies for some of the most famous athletes worldwide.