Xavi Hernandez is considered as one of the best Spanish players in history and one of the most important players in the FC Barcelona and Spain teams. His worldwide recognition reflects not only his technical skills, which are close to perfect, but also his leadership, friendship and, above all, his humanity. He is an example of professionalism, to his team colleagues as well as to children who dream of becoming elite footballers.


For thirteen years, every summer, Xavi Hernandez has personally directed the Campus Xavi in Cataluña. Campus Xavi is considered the best camp in Spain and over 13,000 children have attended. It has a rigorous schedule, where children develop and refine their technical and tactical game. In addition, Campus Xavi enhances the values of friendship, fair play, good dietary and hygiene habits.


Doyen Sports Investments has been chosen from a number of multinational companies competing to manage the international launch of Campus Xavi, through a project called Campus Xavi World Tour. The Hernandez-Creus family, with Xavi Hernandez at the head, has placed its trust in Doyen Sports Investments to select the location for the first international Campus, negotiate with sponsors and run the Campus Xavi World Tour. Doyen Sports Investments has established an outstanding team of highly reliable and experienced professionals to handle its representation of Xavi Hernandez and manage the day to day arrangements for the Campus Xavi World Tour. The main goal is to cater for the needs and expectations of Xavi Hernandez and his staff, the sponsors and, most importantly, the children attending the Campus.


Following the high global demand for bringing the Xavi Hernández campus to every continent, we will soon announce venues for 2015.